This page contains links to indexes and transcriptions of archives held at London Metropolitan Archives. In a number of cases, these indexes have been compiled by the volunteer projects which make a huge contribution to the development of our collections.

This page will be updated as new indexes and transcripts become available.

Indexes to Lloyd's Captains Registers

The Registers give details of the careers as captain and/or mate, on those vessels whose voyage details were transmitted to Lloyd's of London, of merchant sea captains who held British or British colonial master's certificates. By no means were all Captains British citizens. For further details please see LMA information leaflet 'Lloyd's of London "Captains Registers" and related sources', available from the LMA website.

These indexes are for the series CLC/B/148/B/019/MS18567, covering the years 1869 (retrospective to 1851 for those masters and mates still sailing in 1869)-1911; captains still active after that date will be found in later series held at LMA which are not covered by these indexes. The indexes may also be consulted in LMA's Information Area.

The indexes list captains by name, noting variants given, followed by date and place of birth, also noting variants. The certificate number, and its place and date of award, if known, are listed, with a note of changes in the number and the volume in which this first occurs. Not all this information is found in every volume: in some entries a captain may be known only by his initials, or his birthplace may be listed in a partial form. If information of this kind, such as date of birth, is not given in the indexes, it is not to be found in the original.

Cross-references in the text of the indexes indicate names spelt in more than one way in different volumes, but this is not exhaustive, and all possible spelling variants should be checked. Where two entries are recorded in the same volume for a particular individual, both should be checked, as they often contain information about different voyages.

Additional qualifications are given (such as "Steam", which entitled the holder also to captain steam vessels, or "Steamships", whose holders could captain only such vessels), followed by the date of award if known.

The indexes also list the volume numbers within the series CLC/B/148/B/019/MS18567 in which the captain appears, with a note of the years for which voyage details are given. Dates of death, suspensions, and cancellations of certificates are sometimes given in the original Registers, but have not been included in these indexes.

The following letters for the series covering 1869 (retrospective to 1851 for masters and mates still sailing in 1869) -1911 have been indexed:

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