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1551 - 2012

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  • This archive comprises the records of Saint Thomas' Hospital, the Grosvenor Hospital, the General Lying-In Hospital, the Lambeth Hospital and the Royal Waterloo Hospital. It also includes the records of institutions which were associated with these hospitals, including the Kirchner Convalescent Home, the Babies Hospital, the Medical School, Saint Thomas' Church and parish, the Physiotherapy School, Saint John's House, Saint John's and Saint Thomas' House, Saint Thomas' House and Saint Thomas' Home.

    In addition, this includes the Nightingale Training School and documents, which form part of the Nightingale Collection. The remainder of this collection is maintained by the Florence Nightingale Museum Trust.

    The records include those generated by the administration of the various institutions which made up the Saint Thomas' Hospital Group, in addition to a variety of patients' and clinical records. There are also visual sources such as photographs and prints and some printed and bibliographic items.
Extent: 350 linear metres
Classification: HOSPITALS
Site Location: London Metropolitan Archives
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Administrative History:
  • The Saint Thomas' Hospital Group was formed in 1948 when the National Health Service was established by the National Health Service Act 1946. Originally it included only Saint Thomas' Hospital, the Grosvenor Hospital, the General Lying-In Hospital and the Royal Waterloo Hospital. However, the Lambeth Hospital became part of the Group in 1964 when the Lambeth Group Hospital Management Committee merged with the Wandsworth Hospital Management Committee to form the South West London Group Hospital Management Committee. In addition, the South Western Hospital moved to the Saint Thomas' Group in 1968, and the Royal Eye Hospital joined in about 1973.

    In 1974, the National Health Service was re-organized into Area Health Authorities, split into Districts, rather than Groups. The Saint Thomas' Hospital Group became the Saint Thomas' Health District (Teaching) of the Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham Area Health Authority, and now included Saint Thomas', Grosvenor, General Lying-In Hospital, Lambeth, Royal Waterloo and South Western Hospitals. These were joined in 1975 by Tooting Bec Hospital.

    There was a further re-organization of the National Health Service in 1982, when the Saint Thomas' Health District (Teaching) became the West Lambeth Health Authority, now comprising Saint Thomas', General Lying-In, South Western and Tooting Bec Hospitals, with the addition of the Saint John's Hospital for Diseases of the Skin.

    The final stage of reorganization occurred in 1993, when Saint Thomas' Hospital merged with Guy's Hospital to form the Guy's and Saint Thomas' Hospital Trust after the Tomlinson report of 1992 recommended that one of them be closed.
Creator: This collection has been created by Saint Thomas', Grosvenor, General Lying-In, Lambeth and Royal Waterloo Hospitals, and by the organizations which administered them after 1948. These were the Saint Thomas' Hospital Group, the Saint Thomas' Health District (Teaching) of the Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham Area Health Authority and the West Lambeth Health Authority.
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Access Restrictions: These records are available for public inspection, although records containing personal information are subject to access restrictions under the UK Data Protection Act, 2018
Physical Condition: Fit
Arrangement: These records are arranged according to a classification scheme for hospital records: General Hospital Administration (A), Patients' Administration (B), Finance Office (D), Endowments (E), Related Documentation (Y) and Prints and Photographs (PH).
Accruals Notes: Further accruals are expected.
Related Material: See also H01/WL - West Lambeth Health Authority.
Publication Notes:

St Thomas' Hospital by E M McInnes, Allen and Unwin, 1963.