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"Captains' registers"

Reference Code:  CLC/B/148/B/019

  /CLC/B/148/B - MARINE

Site Location
London Metropolitan Archives
Level of Description
Former Reference
MS 18567
1851 - 1911
87 volumes
Other Formats
Microfilm copies of these registers are also available at Guildhall Library
Scope and Content
An alphabetical list of persons holding master's certificates, with record of service etc."Captains' registers", compiled 1869 to 1911, of master's certificate holders who during this period were considered "active", i.e. had received their master's certificate or an appointment as a master/mate within the previous 5 years. All recipients of master's certificates issued from ca. 1864 are therefore included, but master's certificate holders "inactive", i.e. retired for 5 years by 1869, do not appear unless they subsequently received appointment as a master or mate. The registers give the following information about each master's certificate holder: personal details, i.e. full name, place and year of birth (but not home address(es) in later life), master's certificate number and place and year of issue, and special qualifications, if any; and details of voyages, i.e. dates of any engagements or discharge as master or mate, together with the name and official number of each ship (taken from the annual "Mercantile Navy List"), and the destination area of each voyage. Casualties (i.e. sinkings, strandings, collisions etc.) and other events (e.g. reprimands, special awards) are also recorded. Volumes 1-15, compiled 1869-73, also give details of earlier voyages by master's certificate holders who were "active" in 1869: these details go back to 1851 or to the date of obtaining the master's certificate, whichever is the later, and are recorded in the form of printed entries pasted into the registers next to the names of the persons concerned. These pasted entries were cut from a printed "Captains register" produced in 1869; no other printed "Captains registers" appear to have been prepared. A copy of the printed volume of1869 is held at the Printed Books enquiry desk (also available on microfiche - Printed Books Misc. microfiche no. 5), and is useful where the pasted entries have fallen out of the manuscript volumes. It is also useful in that it seems to have been compiled earlier that 1869, its date of publication, perhaps in 1868. It thus contains a few master's certificate holders who were considered "active" in 1868, but not in 1869 when Ms 18567/1-15 were compiled. The personal details of each master's certificate holder are entered in the left-hand margin of each left-hand page, and the details of voyages, including casualties and other events if any, appear across the remainder of the same page and across the opposite page, level with the name of the person to which they relate. Five lines up from the foot of each page is a double horizontal line or a thick black line: the entries above this line appear in exact alphabetical order of surname and then of first name(s); those below this line are extra entries, entered as near as possible to their correct position in the alphabetical sequence. Further additional entries if any are cross-referenced to one or more "Extra folios" at the end of all the entries for each letter of the alphabet. Readers should pay particular attention to these extra entries, in case the person they seek is recorded there, and not in the main alphabetical sequence.Much of the information in the registers is given in abbreviated form. For explanations of prefixes to certificate numbers, special qualifications, destination areas of voyages, and casualties, see Tables 1-4 in the introductory note for CLC/B/148/B. Other information is entered in different codes at different dates as follows.. Information entered in different codes at different dates: 1851-69 (pasted entries):ship's name in ordinary type: engagement as captain ship's name in italics: engagement as mate. 1869-93 (from 1888 a key is printed at top of each left-hand page): black ink:engagements red ink: discharges blue ink: casualties and notes ship's name not underlined: engagements as captain ship's name underlined: engagements as mate. 1894-1911: black ink: engagements as captain red ink: engagements as mate 2nd/3rd red ink with ship's name underlined) blue ink: casualties and notes DISCHARGES ARE NOT SHOWN. There are 87 volumes arranged in six alphabetical sequences: vols 1-15: 1869-73 (and retrospective to 1851 as explained above) vols 16-27: 1874-9 vols 28-42: 1880-7 vols 43-57: 1888-95 vols 58-72: 1896-1903 vols 73-87: 1904-11
Related Material
For overlapping dates see also Ms 18569. The printed, published volume covering 1851-68 is available on microfiche at Guildhall Library; see Misc. Fiche Series no. 5, Microform Cabinet 12.
Indexes to letters A, B and K are available on the Manuscripts Section reading room shelves.
Finding Aid URL[WWW_LMA]indexes.htm

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