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Collection of papers dating from 1641-95 made by Robert Hooke.

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[16 - - ?]

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  • Item 1 Copy extracts from a journal kept by Captain William Mynors on a voyage from England to Bantam (Java) aboard the "Royal Mary", 1641-4; with second copy in another hand.

    Item 2 Narrative of an encounter with pirates in the West Indies, 1666.

    Item 3 Journal of a voyage to the South Seas by Basil Ringrose, 1680-2.

    Item 4 Account of a journey of K'ang Hsi, emperor of China, to Western Tartary, 1683 (partly in French).

    Item 5 Anatomical observations, chiefly concerning animals, 17th cent.

    Item 6 Note concerning the foiling of looking-glasses, 17th cent.

    Item 7 Account of a journey from Moscow to China, 1693-5 (2 copies).

    Item 8 Instructions for the preparation of metal for burning-glasses, 17th cent. (in Latin).

    Item 9 Essay by John Bainbridge, professor of astronomy at Oxford, concerning the calculation of meridians or longitudes, 17th cent. (in Latin).

    Item 10 Account of a journey made by Evesco Petlin from Moscow to Tartary and China in 1620 (read before the Royal Society in 1689).

    Item 10a Account of Feodor Iskowitz Backhof's journey from Moscow to China in 1654.

    Item 10b Account of a journey from Moscow to China, 17th cent. (in Latin).

    Item 11 Text of a lecture concerning natural history, 17th cent.

    Item 12 Texts of three lectures concerning algebra, 17th cent. (in Latin).

    Item 13 Diagram entitled "scheme shewing the proportions of velocity, time, power and space", 17th cent.

    Item 14 Proposals for reform of the system of parliamentary representation, 17th cent.

    Item 15 Proposals for suppression or prevention of rebellion among papists in Ireland, 1679.

    Item 16 Further proposals concerning Irish papists, 1678. tem 17 "Modus conficiendi menstruum philosophicum", 17th cent. (in Latin).

    Item 18 Note of "Mrs Burnham's cure for rupture", 17th cent.

    Item 19 Extracts from a journal kept by Thomas Gorst on a voyage from England to Hudson's Bay aboard the "Rupert" and the "Wivenhoe", 1670-1.

    Item 20 Diagram (coloured) of proposed design for a thermometer, 17th cent.

    Item 21 Essay on music and sound, endorsed "Mercator's musick", 17th cent.

    Item 21a Notes on mathematics and music, 17th cent.

    Item 22 Notes on navigation in the South Seas, 1669-70.
Extent: 1 file of 25 items (most containing several pages)
Former Reference: MS 01757.
Site Location: London Metropolitan Archives
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  • Document

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