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  • Papers of the British Records Association, comprising:
    ACC/3162/BRA/01: Foundation Papers;
    ACC/3162/BRA/02: Council and Committees;
    ACC/3162/BRA/03: Conferences and Annual General meetings;
    ACC/3162/BRA/04: Finance and Treasurer's Papers;
    ACC/3162/BRA/05: Committees;
    ACC/3162/BRA/06: Secretary's Files;
    ACC/3162/BRA/07: Publications;
    ACC/3162/BRA/08: 'Archives' publication and Editor's Papers;
    ACC/3162/BRA/09: Technical Section;
    ACC/3162/BRA/10: Legislation;
    ACC/3162/BRA/11: Staff;
    ACC/3162/BRA/12: Press Cuttings.

    Papers of the Records Preservation Section, comprising:
    ACC/3162/RPS/01: Committee minutes and papers;
    ACC/3162/RPS/02: Correspondence;
    ACC/3162/RPS/03: Correspondence and memoranda;
    ACC/3162/RPS/04: Publications;
    ACC/3162/RPS/05: Correspondence and circulars;
    ACC/3162/RPS/06: Correspondence concerning types;
    ACC/3162/RPS/07: Salvage correspondence;
    ACC/3162/RPS/08: Correspondence concerning staff;
    ACC/3162/RPS/09: Related documentation;
    ACC/3162/RPS/10: Family and Estate records;
    ACC/3162/RPS/11: Related documentation;
    ACC/3162/RPS/12: Minutes;
    ACC/3162/RPS/13: Administrative files.
Extent: 13.39 linear metres
Classification: ASSOCIATIONS
Site Location: London Metropolitan Archives
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Administrative History:
  • The British Records Association (BRA) was founded in 1932. The association aims to encourage and assist with the preservation, care, use and publication of historical records. The work includes publication of guidance leaflets, a newsletter and a journal entitled "Archives"; and the organisation of an annual conference. The Records Preservation Section arranges for the transfer of records to suitable repositories.

    Source: BRA website at (accessed July 2010).
Creator: British Records Association
British Records Association | Records Preservation Section
Copyright: Depositor
Source of Acquisition:
  • Records deposited in March 1993, with further accessions in 1994, 1996, 1997 and 1999.
  • ACC/3162
  • ACC/3316
  • ACC/3805
  • B97/039
  • B99/126
Access Restrictions: These records are available for public inspection, although records containing personal information are subject to access restrictions under the UK Data Protection Act, 2018
Physical Condition: Fit
Arrangement: Records arranged in two sub-fonds: ACC/3162/BRA: British Records Association and ACC/3162/RPS: Records Preservation Section.